Embroidery is the professional way to enhance your business logo or make a statement.

Using Embroidery on your logo shows your clients that yes you are Professional at everything you do.
It is long lasting and wears the test of time and enhances any garment.
You can use Embroidery on Clothing, Hats, Bags, and Towels and lots more.
All our Embroidery is done in our Premises and therefore we oversee and make sure we are taking control off your requirement with first class quality.

We can design any type of logo, whether it is just text lettering to Full Colour Pictures or Logos. All of our artwork is done in house by our very own digitizer. All artwork is priced on application and most only require a once off fee for your first order, your next order won’t incur these fees again and you will only need to pay for the Embroidery.

The cost of Embroidery varies with every design. Contact us for your special price.